3 Questions that Need to be Answered before You Shop Custom Bridesmaid Dresses


While the bridal gown is the star of the show in terms of fabric, color, style, silhouette, and everything else during the wedding, the bridesmaids, through cannot equal to the bride’s ensemble, but deserve an opportunity to show some fabulous flair themselves on the D-day. However, with so many options available for these dresses and more are included day-by-day, it is no surprise that brides-to-be often find it difficult to finalize a particular style or design, and end up by purchasing the dresses that the shop owner suggests. Do you also like to face the same situation or want to do something amazing to please your maids and stay true to your vision? If the second one is your answer, then go for custom-made bridesmaid dresses. It will not only help you to get rid of the stress of finding bridesmaid dresses that will reflect the theme of your wedding but also keep you in bridal bliss.

Though there are several shops that design custom bridesmaid dresses according to the needs of the bride and her squad, to get the bridesmaid dresses that you have imagined, you need to choose the right shop. Besides, you also need to answer some questions that will help you in this process. Here, we have made a list of these questions. Take a look.

  1. What will be the length of the dresses?

Before you answer this question, you need to consider both the level of formality of the event and the time when you will get married. If your wedding is more on the formal side, your girls will be sporting long dresses while semi-formal events usually call for knee-length dresses. Moreover, if your D-day will take place during the chilly winter months, you would not want your bridesmaids to walk around shivering in their knee-length dresses, floor-length dresses will be a better choice here. You can also ask your bridal squad what kinds of length they will prefer and based on that decide what will be the length of the custom-made bridesmaid gowns.

  1. What will be the dress style?

In order to answer this question, first, you need to consider the style of your bridal gown, as you need to make sure that your look coordinates with your girls. If you have picked a busy bridal dress for you that has lots of lace or beading, then you need to choose a style for bridesmaid dresses that will go well with your gown. Moreover, you need to consider the body types of your girls when answering this question. One dress will not fit all. An A-line bridesmaid dress style is flattering so if you have girls of all different shapes, then it will be the right choice for them. However, if you find it difficult to answer the question, then choose the mismatched look and let your maids choose the style in which they will feel comfortable and confident.

  1. Which color to pick?

Though there are abundant colors to choose from, answering which color to choose for custom-made bridesmaid gowns is very important. Should you go classic or take a risk and go for a trendy hue? Go for a color that will fit your wedding hue, as well as complement the overall aesthetic, suit the season, and flatter the skin tones of your girls. You can also choose a general color scheme and ask your girls to find a dress that they prefer within those parameters.

Along with answering the mentioned questions, you need to set a budget. Based on the budget, you will decide whether to choose a costly fabric or cheap bridesmaid dresses, and then add an exclusive touch to these dresses by customizing it. So, answer the questions and then start working with a fashion designer to create custom-made bridesmaid dresses, and gift it to your girl gang.

Author bio: Harris Black, a fashion enthusiast, and blogger on bridal dresses like cheap bridesmaid dresses, here writes on a few questions that you should answer before buying custom bridesmaid dresses.