3 Impressive Health Benefits of Golf

Trolley behind you, you progress in a green environment, between discussion, concentration and action. Drive to the drive. The knees are moderately flexed, the back is straight and the chin raised. Then, the club, the hands, the arms, the shoulders and the pelvis unite to trigger the strike. You then walk to the ball and continue to study the course, its topography, its pitfalls. You may not know it, but the current game of golf optimizes your mental and physical health.

While it is generally accepted that playing a sport is beneficial, what are the benefits of golf? First of all, the benefits of golf come mainly from walking. Therefore, avoid the electric car whenever possible.

Impressive benefits of golf on your health:

A green setting:

Furrowing a course under a generous sun in the middle of the moors, massifs and bodies of water is not a repulsive program. Golfers understand it. Especially since exposure to the sun is an important source of vitamin D, well known for strengthening the bones and the immune system and having properties against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, stringing swings while listening to the chirping of birds is a good way to forget what the word “stress” covers.

Share good moments and developing your ability to concentrate:

Do not consider your gaming partner as an opponent to annihilate. Here is one of the finer points of golf. On the green, the competitive spirit fades away from the idea of ​​sharing and conviviality. With family or friends, golfers like to converse over the course and participate in the social dimension of the sport. The opportunity for practitioners of all ages to meet, share and possibly prevent health glitches through their interactions and performances.

When you start your put, the mental dispersion is not good counselor, rather consider a configuration of soul like the bonze in meditation. Or, more lightly, mobilize the attention necessary for the proper execution of a gesture that requires coordination, fluidity and balance. The brain, at the center of these issues, takes advantage of the high level of concentration required and sees its capacities increase. But a nice shot is not enough, you have to be regular, be able to reproduce it. For this, self-control is essential. It is not negotiable.

Spend your energy and strengthen your health:

Do not think of letting your body rest by taking clubs in hand.  For an 18-hole course, the golf course requires a fractional effort and moderate on nearly 9 km. The solicited muscles are mainly the lower limbs, because of the walk, but each swing involves the rotation of the bust and the abdominals, the shoulders, the arms, the forearms must work in flexibility to gather power and precision. It will be better understood why a golfer consumes on average 375 calories per hour.

You are in the driver, everything goes well, the ball flies and stops 200 m further. You have just engaged in a session that will last 4:30 and the cart is in the garage. Endurance comes into play and the benefits of walking are felt. Your state of health benefits to perfect its pulmonary, vascular, articular and muscular divisions. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are falling, the risk of heart disease and stroke is decreasing, osteoarthritis is being fought and the pleasure of doing well is present, of course. Zack Creed Golf a well known name in the field of Golf carried his passion for the game through every stage of his professional life, exploring the many sides of the golf industry from management to teaching, playing and even marketing.