3 Fun Winter Activity Ideas for Montessori School Kids

Are you looking for some fun and educational winter activities to teach your children the relevance of winter?

There is nothing better than a well-crafted lesson that can impact your child in a positive and engaging way. To design such a lesson or an entire unit composed of many such lessons, teachers need lots of great resources and time.

We talked to the experts at a Markham Montessori school, to discuss those resources, along with some fun winter activities for Montessori school kids.

Winter Activities in Kindergarten/Montessori School

Thinking about how to make winter activities for your children more educational yet exciting? There are many winter activities for kindergarteners to inspire children about art and language as well as interesting outdoor activities to keep your little ones busy even in chilly winter.

Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Winter Reading Activities

Winter has inspired so much art and literature. So start your child’s winter activities by reading them some great winter books. You can talk about winter vocabulary, clothing, animals, the weather and, of course, snow!

You can start by discussing or giving a review of the seasons and why we have them. The Reasons for Seasons by Gail Gibbons is a great non-fiction winter book that is perfect for kindergarteners.

Others include Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Helen K. Davie; Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner; and How Do You Know It’s Winter? by Ruth Owen.

Some fiction winter books for kindergarten are Snow Still by Holly Surplice, The Itsy Bitsy Snowman by Jeffrey Burton, and The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. Winter nursery rhymes like ‘The North Wind Doth Blow’ and ‘Pease Porridge Hot’ encourage language arts and dramatic activities.

Taking references from the illustrations and using cut-outs, watercolours, and collages are great motivations for an art activity. Make a paper snowflake or build a snowman out of coloured construction paper, white paint, glue, and cotton balls.

  1. Winter Videos for Kids

Visual media can have a great impact on kids’ learning, so use videos to introduce and reinforce the concepts of winter. Here are some free educational videos on winter to enhance your winter science unit.

  • Destination World: Antarctica
  • Winter at the North Pole
  • The Mitten
  • Animals with Winter Coats
  • Winterlude
  • A Creature Winter Wonderland
  • All About Winter Sports
  • Russia in Winter
  • Bert Is All Dressed Up for Winter
  • What Is a Blizzard?
  • How a Snowflake Is Formed
  • Winter on the Farm
  1. Outdoor Winter Activities

Kids have a natural curiosity and excitement about the outdoor world which is why you must include outdoor activities when planning winter activities. Below you’ll find a list of outdoor winter activities for kids that they can play both in school and in their backyard.

  • Snow Shoveling: Kids love to help out and they love to imitate grown-ups. So if you are planning an outdoor winter activity, snow shovelling can be an interesting activity
  • Build a Snowman: No outdoor winter activity is complete without building a snowman. But don’t stop at the snowman. Encourage your child’s creativity and let them explore their own creativity.
  • Take a Winter Walk: Go for a walk with your child, and when you return, ask them to draw what they saw. You can even ask them to keep a record of daily temperatures and compare a month’s temperature with another month to distinguish the difference.

These fun winter activities for Montessori school kids will help keep them engaged throughout the cold weather and teach them about its relevance. If you want more expert suggestions or to know how to prepare your child for preschool, click here.

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