3 DIY Ideas to Implement when Your Kid has Grown out Second Hand Clothes

Who doesn’t almost swoon over the baby clothes? They are adorable and cute in designs and colors. As the kids outgrow the new clothes fast, you can save a lot by buying second hand products. Yes, the popularity of pre-owned clothes is catching up on the market and there are many good reasons behind that. There are several things to do with second hand baby clothes. The resale stores sell the products at unbelievably low prices; hence, there will be no hole in your pocket. So, a few DIY projects can keep your little one all-smiling throughout the month.

The second hand kids clothes turn into elephants or other plush toys if you are willing. Do not get confused now! You can implement the DIY ideas on the clothes bought right after the online store. Besides this, many people make their little ones wear the product and then let their creativity flow. In any case, the second hand baby clothes bring happiness for your little one. From teddy bears to cute animals, the list of stuffed toys goes on. So, go through the following ideas and make something adorable out of the used blankets or dresses.  

Make a Cute Quilt

When your little rebel has outgrown the pre-owned cloth, you can turn it in an adorable quilt. The handmade quilt can be comforting and cozy on wintry days. Moreover, it can become a keepsake that the little one can pass down to the next generations. It is always a wonderful idea for first-time grandparents. Can you already imagine gifting your little one a handmade quilt for his/her little one which your son or daughter has worn once?

New Baby Headbands

There are barely any accessories as cute as headbands, right? When the pre-owned clothes have worn out, you can create adorable headbands. Furthermore, such accessories last throughout your daughter’s teenage life. Needless to say, this is one of the hassle-free ways to preserve your little one’s favorite outfit. So, cut the elastic waistband out of dress or pants. If there is a colorful ribbon, you can utilize it to finish the product. Elastic bands are cute but they may not last forever. In this case, you can cut the dress in the shape of a hairband. The regular cloth headband works well for years. This is another keepsake that can save a fortune on accessories shopping.

Cloth Bouquets are Unique

Have you heard of cloth bouquets? The answer is likely to be no and nobody can blame you. After years of use, the pre-owned towels are likely to get softened and they become very easy to fold. As every parent loves to keep a few favorite small pieces, you can easily preserve them as a bouquet. You can even keep it in the nursery for charming up the décor. For this reason, you need to run the color scheme once in your mind. If any piece is missing, you can browse through the resale store. If the missing blue or red clothing is in stock, you are sorted for the project. After gathering the products, you have to create a rose or bouquet. The basic idea is simple because rolling is what you have to do. In popular cases, parents prefer the rainbow color scheme.

There are many other things that you can do with pre-owned baby clothes. For example, wall art, snack bags, elephant toys, and teddy bears. Even though you are not hunting clothes, you can find quality used products on second hand online store. So, keep your eyes open and start shopping from now on. After all, your little one needs something special in this new year.

Author bio: Merril S. Kraft is a regular blogger who has written several articles on the variety of the second hand online store. Here, she talks about the DIY projects to take up after purchasing second hand kids clothes.