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Are you wondering about the best ways to deal with OCD? Let’s go through the useful ways to cope with the condition.

OCD is when people have behaviors and thoughts that are out of control. People with OCD are likely to repeat the behaviors or thoughts again and again. The studies show that 1% of people in the United States experience OCD in their relationships or education.


The symptoms often take a bad turn over time. However, things may seem manageable when the person recognizes them at an early stage. Many people seek professional help and check into therapies. However, more than 50% of people do not find OCD treatments helpful. They rather find other ways to cope with the situation. This article deals with the best ways to deal with OCD, so let’s take a look below!


Maintain an OCD Journal

You must have seen people keeping diet journals, travel journals, or poetry journals. One of the best ways to deal with OCD is to keep a track of your moods and thoughts. OCD journals help you realize all those things that throw you off the grid. In addition, you can assess your overall condition.


Keep the journey with you at all times, and note down everything that’s happening to me. You can write down two categories — Situation Issue and Solution, Resolution. On every thought you come across, you may find a solution or resolution against it.


One Slip-up doesn’t Mean You’re Losing It

Instead of thinking of everything in black and white, you should use every opportunity. If you fall back onto your compulsion, you can turn things around. As you are in for a long haul, you always get a chance to change things. When you are in therapy, you can learn new skills. Setbacks will come your way but do not succumb to the mishaps.


A lapse is not ultimately a relapse; therefore, you do not go back to square one. It is futile to prove your OCD thoughts because it usually backfires. Pushing down the thoughts creates a mess; this means you’d not question, analyze, or argue with the thoughts. Once you realize thoughts are not real, things will look simpler.


Use Mindfulness to Cope with Stress

There is no easy way to say this — dealing with compulsive thoughts is stressful. Intrusive thoughts and anxiety are two symptoms of OCD, and you can practice mindfulness. Through mindfulness, you can stay in the present and accept everything you are feeling. As long as you notice your thoughts and feelings, you can gradually stop acting on them.


It is never easy but you can always try. Acknowledging your thoughts without acting takes time when you deal with obsessive thoughts. There are no best ways to deal with OCD; you need to find out what works for you. For many people, yoga and meditation work; however, it is alright if something else works out.


On a Concluding Note

There are many other strategies that you may follow, and it’s best to learn from first-hand experiences. The Struggling Warrior, a blog dedicated to OCD, time, and personal growth, helps fellow warriors to find the right path. Going through the blog, you can learn about the best therapy for OCD and more. So, check out The Struggling Warrior today!


Author bio: Malia Dawson is a mental health advocate, and she writes about the best therapy for OCD. Here, she mentions the best ways to deal with OCD so that you can receive proper help.


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