2 Water Features That Will Enhance the Beauty & Ambiance of Your Garden

Have you decked your yard with colourful flowers and plants, but even after that the magical touch is missing? Are you not getting the refreshing touch when you sit on the garden chair after returning from office? Do you want to welcome wildlife to your garden? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then incorporating a water feature will be the ideal choice for you. The most obvious aspects are beauty and ambiance. The cascading sound of the falling water not only adds sound and movement to your garden but also cools the surroundings even in the scorching summer days. Moreover, water draws birds, dragonflies, butterflies, bees and other beautiful wild things in your yard. Also, by causing “white noise”, it will calm your mind.

If you also want to add a water element, then opt for one of the companies that offer water features Melbourne, Sydney and the surrounding areas and buy a suitable one for you. Are you going to buy a water element for the first time? Then, you may keep wondering which one to buy. Here are a few water elements that you can add to your garden.

  1. Freestanding and wall fountains

If you are looking for a simple water element, then you will never go wrong with a tricking freestanding area. The first image that comes to your mind when you pronounce the word “fountain” is the quintessential three-tiered standby. Though we love standard freestanding fountains, there are other options to choose from including infinity fountain, new eclipse fountain, Aegean fountain, Anduze fountain, Aquarius fountain and many more. Besides, you can also go for wall fountains. Designs with a force water stream, wall fountains always hold a mystery that keeps us transfixed. Whether you choose a simple fountain or complex one, it will enhance the beauty of your garden.

  1. Ponds

Even a small or medium-sized pond can also transform the look and feel of your garden. You can go for ready-made ponds that come in irregular shape and so, it would be easy for you to get a natural feel once you place it in the yard. Once the prefab pond is in place, it is simple to “disguise” the edges by placing rocks, soil and plants to create a natural setting. You can also create the pond from scratch by digging a hole into the desired shape and then lining it with a flexible plastic liner. Choose an area for your pond that will receive good sunlight and is not under many trees. Maintain your pond on a regular basis to make sure that it isn’t covered in leaves or needles.

Along with the mentioned ones, you can also include a birdbath and witness a wide variety of birds in your garden. And to add one or more of these water elements, first, you have to buy it. So, opt for one of the companies that offer different types of water features Sydney, and buy the one/s that will augment your garden.

Author bio: Thomas Mack, a popular blogger on garden elements and water features Melbourne, here writes on a few water features Sydney that can make your garden look more beautiful.