12 Leading Reputation Management Tools That Make Your Life Easier

If you are a business owner who wants to set your business digitally, then online reputation is something you can’t ignore. The more goodwill you make in the market, it strengthens your customer base and builds credibility.

Businesses will certainly hunt for strategies that keep their brand image pristine. Though you are putting your best tactics into practice, still you and your business may face negative vibes. So it is mandatory to keep an eye on how people are perceiving your brand.

The good news is that you can use a bunch of tools to monitor your online goodwill.  Here we are offering you in-depth information about few popular tools, let know more about them.

12 Leading Tool To Monitor Your Online Reputation 

We all familiar with the quote ‘Prevention is better than cure,  similarly keeping things under supervision can save your market goodwill from damaging. Thanks to the latest technology that provides a wide array of tools which are undoubtedly helpful for observing your reputation. Let’s get familiar with some of those –

Google Alert

It is a free tool by Google. You can set your business name, service name, or product name as an alert. Anytime anybody uses that name on the web Google will send you an email with that link. It is a great way to keep an eye on how people are perceiving your brand.

If people are mentioning good things about your brand, that’s great!. If not then you can quickly take necessary action.

Social Mention

This tool works especially for social media. It supports more than 80 social media sites, including social media king Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It helps you to understand what people are discussing about your brand. You can do sentiment analysis and point out the reach of your brand.


 It is another popular tool that helps to monitor sentiment analysis, measure estimated traffic, and track referral traffic. They allow you to use a limited version for free.


This tool allows you to get real-time data and historical data too. To avoid information overload, you can filter the number of keywords. It tracks to mention, brand, and social profiles.


It is a reputation management platform that allows users to manage and monitor multi location business and review management. Apart from social media sites and provides analysis from your industry-specific review site also.

Review  Push 

It is an ORM software, used by reputation management services, that monitors social media sites and major review sites. Not only do you get the notification in your dashboard but also an email alert of your review response. You can respond to multilevel reviews from a different region, corporate.


This is also a reputation management software that is used by companies to observe their customer’s feedback. A multi-location brand can use this tool to get notified via email.

It also helps you to spy on your local competitors. The widgets collect data from review sites.

When you update your details on a review site, the other site gets updated automatically.

You will get a score over your local competitor.


It is undoubtedly a robust reputation management tool that monitors search engine results and any negative content that impacts your visibility.

Reputation health 

If you are in the medical industry and want to manage your market goodwill, rely on this tool. It collects mentions, proactive e reviews, and sends email alerts.


From their largest database, you can know about how your competitor is doing, what their customers are saying , where they are featuring. Compare yourself with that report.

You can watch the report and analytics in the dashboard, then convert them into a report.


It allows you to manage security, monitor compliance, and schedule your post. You get a complete analysis of how your customers are resonating with your brand.  It helps in sentiment analysis.


Monitor your brand and find out which type of post or content is going viral in your industry.  This tool helps you to monitor your competitor and respond to industry news.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t have prior knowledge of digital marketing it may seem to be a hefty work for you.  Seek help for online reputation repair, hire professionals who can handle all the hassles for you.  Take advantage of the above-mentioned tools to foster your business growth.

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