10 Reasons Why Kerala is a Paradise for Honeymooners

As you start the new journey of your life with your partner, the wonderful experiences will make each day a blissful one.

So why not begin your journey at one of the paradises of the world! It would be a true bliss to start the new chapter of your life in God’s Own Country-Kerala. Kerala is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular destinations of South India.

The serenity and the gleam of the backwaters, the chilling mountains, the lush greenery all around, the silver sand beaches with swaying palm trees and the charm of the place with a pleasant climate has made Kerala enthralling and exotically romantic destination for the honeymooners.

Kerala is truly a mesmerizing honeymoon destination and will fill you with the best memories. So, here are a few reasons why you must consider Kerala for your honeymoon.

Top Reasons Why Kerala is a Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Celebrate Love in the Hills

A beautiful landscape with lusciously green hills and romantic weather, the hills of Kerala are a haven for the honeymooners. Amongst such, Munnar is one scenic destination forming part of every Kerala honeymoon package. It is a peaceful place in the midst of the mountains with lush tea plantations, gushing waterfalls down the hills and a lovely climate soothing your senses promising you some of the best moments.

You can add some pearls to the strings of your love with a stay at one of the luxurious tea or coffee estates where you can gaze at the lovely gardens and coffee plantations with your loved one.

A Cozy Stay at the Tranquil Backwaters

A comfortable stay at the beautiful houseboat in the pristine backwaters is certainly a romantic experience.

Alleppey in Kerala is one such dream-like place where you can spend cozy time with your partner while admiring the astonishing natural beauty around you. The ride through the creeks, the lagoon overlooking greenery coupled with tranquility will offer you a relaxed stay amidst nature and a memorable ride to be cherished for life.

Some Romance at the Beach

A relaxed beach holiday with your partner will add more romance to your honeymoon. The panoramic view of the shoreline offering an endless sight of swaying palms and the setting sun in the backdrop offers you the perfect time to share your feelings with your better half.

Kovalam beach will get you closer where you can walk along the shore hand in hand and watch the beautiful sunset. Fresh seafood will add some more flavors to your memories.

Varkala beach is a popular destination for honeymooners, which is perched along the edge of the cliffs. You can take along home a delightful experience of the bath in the medicinal mineral water springs.

Green Abode

Kerala is a green paradise for the honeymooners with lush greenery greeting you at every nook and corner of the state. The unending groves of coconut trees, the misty hills, and a thick vegetal cover make Kerala indeed a romantic destination for the newlyweds.

Another picturesque place in Kerala, known as Palakkad will soothe your soul with its allure. The place is adorned with flowing river streams, greenery that will make you fall in love with this place and with your sweetheart too.

Rejuvenating Lake View

It would be delighting for nature-loving couples to watch the picturesque lakes of Kerala. You both can have a good time indulging yourself in some leisure activities like fishing, boating or just gazing at the sky watching the birds.

For that purpose, Kumarakom is one of the gems in the crown of the state. There are many luxurious resorts in Kumarakom which are surrounded with emerald green backwaters having soul-stirring ambiance to provide you all the luxuries in its heavenly atmosphere.

Tranquil Forests

If you and your better half are fond of greenery, then the forests of Kerala could be the best choice. Forests have a unique melody. Exploring the dense forests holding hands, talking about your future together, could be a beautiful experience in complete tranquility coupled with some thrill.

Adventure loving partners can go for trekking through the hill tracks, river rafting, boating, jeep safari, and many more things. You can spend some intimate moments strolling the tea and spice plantations in arms of each other.

Rejuvenating Ayurveda

Being rich in vegetation, Kerala has an extensive spread of medicinal plants which makes it a popular destination for Ayurvedic massages which includes massages with pure herbal oils.

For the honeymooners, who have been exploring the allure of this paradise can avail this message at the end of their honeymoon trip for rejuvenating the body, reduce the stress and to improve vitality. You have the privilege to choose any message as per your preference. Also, the messages have medicinal benefits.

Some Blessings on the New Start

Having known for its rich heritage and culture, the temples in Kerala have beautifully unique architecture. You can visit these temples with your better half for experiencing some positive vibes and for seeking the blessings of God for the new start.

As the temples have specific dress codes, you get an opportunity to see your partner in completely different traditional clothes; and yes, do not forget to offer some good compliments to your partner in your own romantic style.

Time for Some Clicks

You can surely think of photography at this spectacular place. The place offers you exquisite spots all around and you will take back beautiful memories in pictures for your bedroom walls.

Capture your romantic poses lying beside the lake, holding hands in the backdrop of the setting sun, and many more clicks in the midst of the scenic beauty and cherish those captured moments for the rest of your life.

Some Flavours to Your New Start

After a romantic candlelight dinner, special desserts of Kerala will add sweetness to your day and some sweetness to your new start. Share a bowl of Payasam with your better half to celebrate the new beginning.

Not only the desserts but also try other special cuisines of Kerala and the flavors of which will linger for a long in your mind thus making you remember those romantic eating times.

You will certainly be spending some of the most beautiful moments with your partner in Kerala that you have been dreaming all this while. If you wish to avail the Kerala honeymoon package, feel free to get in touch with us.