10 Points Kept in Mind before Going to China for Further Studies

  1. MCI and WHO Approved Universities of China

China is home to many Medical Council of India (MCI) approved universities with world-class infrastructure facilities and Qingdao University China is amongst the top universities of the country. Based out of Qingdao city in China, Qingdao University was established in the year 1985 and gradually several small colleges were merged into the university with time. The university was included in the World Directory of Medical Schools by the World Health Organization (WHO) because of its high quality of medical education provided to its students and the courses of that university teaching to the students.

  1. Qingdao University of China

In Qingdao University of China, the medium of teaching MBBS was earlier in the Chinese language only, however, since the year 2006 the university started with its English teaching program which was started to welcome international students into the university and the program became a very successful program for the university.

  1. Admission for International Students

Every year many international students take admission in the Qingdao University. Qingdao medical college was merged with the university in the year 1993 which became a part of Qingdao University. Qingdao University, China has become one of the top medical colleges in China since then.

  1. Maintained Student Teacher Ratio

Qingdao University China has always been at the forefront of many types of research that take place in China especially in the medical field. With the focus to ensure the proper growth of the students the Qingdao University has always maintained a very decent and healthy ratio of student-teacher in every class.

  1. Laboratories in University

The laboratories of this university are top-notch with the advanced equipment installed and are dedicated to the different and separate departments for medical teaching and practices. There are many undergraduate medical courses which are provided by the Qingdao University in which thousands of students are currently studying.

  1. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses Offered

There are many undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the Qingdao University of China which are run by a government university. The library of this University is based in a vast area with seating facilities for the students and the thousands of books and texts available for them to learn from. Students have the right to issue books from the library.

  1. Economical Accommodation Facilities

Those students who are looking for economical accommodation facilities in China they have chosen university hostel, the Qingdao University of China is a hot prospect for them as the hostel facilities in the university are excellent with separate hostel dedicated to the girls.

  1. Course Duration Including Internship

China is a very safe country and the students need not worry about their safety during their duration of MBBS in China which is for 6 years including 1 year of internship in top hospitals of China.

  1. 24/7 Security Guards and Wardens

The country hostel and the university premises are secured with security guards and wardens who are assigned to take care of it. The hostel rooms are furnished in Qingdao University and the students are provided with tables, chairs, and wardrobes in every room. Also, the hostels are equipped with facilities such as 24/7 hour water supply, geyser facility in the bathroom, TV with Bluetooth connectivity, telephone and central heating facilities available for every hostel student so that in winter the students should not feel the cold in their rooms.

  1. Net and Clean Hostel Rooms

The hostel rooms are regularly cleaned and are kept hygienic for the health of the students. The mess of the university serves tasty dishes (also Indian foods) and the menu is different daily to ensure that the students do not get bored to eat the same food daily and daily.

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