10 Must-have Qualities of a Truck Driver: Know Before you Hire

If you own a trucking company or looking to hire a professional truck driver read this article carefully. In most cases, commercial truck accidents happen due to the negligence of the driver, so double-check some of the criteria before hiring a driver to avoid truck accidents. Though some skills come with natural talent some can be learned and embraced in order to improve the overall performance of a driver. If your driver lacks most of the following qualities, it is probably high time to rethink.

The following qualities and characteristics make a great truck driver.

1. Reliability 

Reliability should be one of the top priorities when it comes to hiring a truck driver. You have to trust your instinct to check the feature in a driver. The driver must be able to get the job done well within the prescribed timeline. If they deliver those tasks seamlessly it is a clear sign that person can be hired. To know better some trucking companies have internship programs for drivers.

2. Proper education and training

A truck driver doesn’t necessarily have to have a bachelor’s or a diploma degree but he/she must attend at least a professional training class where they can learn from professionals who spend many years in the industry. Employers prefer to hire a driver with proper credentials like qualification and experience certificate. In order to drive a truck more than a degree-oriented, you need an experienced driver, with proper knowledge and driving skills because that’s what makes a good trucker.

3. Clean driving record

A spotless driving record would reflect the driver’s credibility if you hire one of them you can impress many clients regarding successful delivery. Every trucking company has to put utmost trust in their drivers, a spotless record can provide great relief as they don’t require constant check-ups. Drivers with a clean driving record are expensive to hire, but because of reliability trucking companies prefer them over any other profile.

4. Self- dependence

Truck drivers have to spend a lot of time alone at their work without any supervision, needless to mention they may face different difficulties like a roadblock, poor weather condition, bad signal, road congestion, etc. Great truckers must possess the ability to solve every problem with ease that comes their way.

5. Healthy habits
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important qualities of a truck driver. They must eat and sleep healthy to maintain a proper balance in their lifestyle. Their lifestyle habits play a significant role in their reliability as a driver. Being healthy means active and responsible person when it comes to their profession. The driver must not have complex issues with alcohol or any other drug consumption. If the driver exercises regularly and takes care of his/her family responsibility they seem to be a responsible person which would reflect on their job responsibility as well.

6. Great communication skills

Every truck driver must have good communication skills, sometimes when they are on a long journey that has to keep in touch with the team which requires constant communication. Also, every trucking company has to maintain a positive relationship with their clients, so face-to-face interaction is a crucial part of the reputation of the company if the driver has a bad temperament or poor communication skills it would affect the business severely.
7. Proper knowledge and awareness
A truck driver must have proper knowledge of the open road since they have to cover a long distance. Their eyes should be on the road and they must not get distracted by anything especially phone calls while driving. They also have the quality to anticipate other vehicles’ actions. They know how to use turn signals, provide passage to other vehicles, repair a punctured tire, etc. They must know how to address the problematic symptoms of the vehicle.
8. Mechanically savvy
Good mechanical skill makes a truck driver stand out among others. If the driver has impressive repairing and maintenance skills the company can easily rely upon it. Trucking companies always look for these qualities when it comes to cover a longer distance.
9. Stress management skills
The driver must have stress management skills since truck driving is a highly stressful occupation. Sometimes the drivers have to meet short deadlines so they have to be mentally calm. Sometimes the trucks have to carry hazardous chemicals like gas, fuel, and more, anything can happen during the journey, so have to be very calm and have stress management skills to control every situation.
10. Physical endurance

Another most important skill of a truck driver is physical endurance, sometimes they need to work for around ten to twelve hours. Besides, they need to load and unload the truck materials if required.

In case of a commercial truck accident may I hold the truck driver responsible?

In a truck accident, the truck driver can be held responsible if found under the radar of certain circumstances supported by proper evidence. Usually, it is the responsibility of the truck accident lawyer to find the evidence in order to spot the right party to be held responsible for a dangerous truck wreck. So if you have recently been involved in a truck accident you must try to obtain legal help right away.

A truck driver must be held responsible if:

  • He/she was driving the vehicle at enormous speed (above the recommended limit).
  • Not acting in a safe manner
  • Driving under the influence of a drug
  • Distracted
  • In violation of traffic and federal rules

An experienced truck accident attorney knows how to run a successful investigation not only to find the responsible party but also to ensure full compensation. Sometimes government parties can also be held responsible in case of poor road conditions or faulty signals. Sometimes the trucking companies load the truck without proper rules, they sometimes overlook safety measures and push drivers to meet short deadlines. There are various minute details that need to be considered while claiming the compensation for a client, the amount also depends on the personal loss and injury of the client.

May I get help from a truck accident attorney?

Recovery after such dangerous truck accidents can be long and strenuous, often resulting in costly medical bills and permanent loss and impairments. They might lose their wages due to performance issues at work. If you were injured in a truck accident, our attorneys can offer legal assistance to spot the responsible party and secure maximum compensation for you. We emphasis the process of preservation of evidence which is a complex and time taking process.

To know more about your legal rights, you can request a free consultation from us. Our experts will look after your case and suggest some of the legal options for you to determine which parties should be responsible for the accident. There are no upfront fees involved; we will take the payment after you recover your compensation through our legal assistance.

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