10 ideas to spruce up empty corner spaces of your home in style

Been there, done that (or, maybe not!) We all have that awkward corner spaces of our home that are neither too big to place some furniture nor too small to ignore. Though the empty corner spaces look awkward and make you feel uncomfortable, you simply run out of ideas on how to utilize them. We often find it tricky to decide what to do with the oddly shaped nooks and corners – leaving them bare looks like something’s missing while filling them with chunky furniture or spare chair might lead to decoration disaster.

The decoration of a room looks incomplete until its corners are beautifully addressed and utilized. Interior Decorator Swati Sharma, owner of a 2 BHK residential flat near Budge Budge, shares some of her insights on how to make the most out this unused area. With little creativity, the empty corners can be transformed into a practical or decorative feature without cluttering up your home. From installing lighting solutions to incorporating right furniture and accessories – you can do a lot to make these tricky spots look pretty. Here are 10 simple yet effective ideas:

  1. Shallow spare closets often have limited storage capabilities which prevent them to be utilized anyway. Why not create a home office by mounting a solid piece of wood at table height to serve as a desktop surface? Place an ergonomic chair and hang some shelves above for keeping lightweight stationery supplies. Install some task lighting and your pretty home office is ready.
  2. Indoor plants are the best solution for any vacant spot. Empty spaces beside your bed or unutilized corners, placing potted greenery are a failsafe way to breathe life into any space. Go for oversized, large-leaf plants if there’s space or hang a terrarium to let the greenery float down into the corner from the ceiling.
  3. Blank wall space in a corner makes a great backdrop for a built-in bookcase. Open bookcases create a dynamic range of colourful spines. Book laden homes have a great appeal. Impress your guests with your taste in books.
  4. Add a playful touch in the living room by hanging a mod swim chair in a corner. It looks stylish as well as breathes a cozy vibe into the room.
  5. There’s no place for bland and empty living room corners. Add interest to unexpected spaces by displaying a unique sculpture. Long thin objects casually leaned into the corner work well to fill up empty corners. Vintage oars, artefacts, masks or even a styled stack of magazines look very stylish.
  6. Use the corner blank space to create an asymmetrical display of eye-catching artwork. Artworks are usually positioned in the centre of the wall. But the unexpected positioning of artwork in the corner brings instant interest and draws attention to a neglected space.
  7. Set up a small bar or coffee station in an unutilized corner. An elegant bar cart tucked into a tight corner of the living room or along the blank wall beside your dining table looks amazing.  Adding to the appeal of the interior, it will scream ‘happy hour’ every time someone walks in there.
  8. Is there unused space under a window? Create a cozy bench seat. It will be an additional spot to retreat and relax. Place some vibrant cushions and you are all set to spend some lazy morning and evening sitting by the window.
  9. Illuminating a corner space rightly is another great way to fill it with aesthetic value. A tall floor-light or a table lamp above a feature side table will look great.
  10. Add a chic statement chair in the corner. It will be functional as well as a stylish addition to the room.

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