10 Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Accident Lawsuit

If you or your family members have been involved in a truck accident recently and do not understand what to do about it, whom to contact, why, and when to contact then this article got your back. Read this article to the end, and we bet you will find your answer about a truck accident lawyer.

At Texas Truck Accident Lawyer, we are committed to taking care of every truck accident case with protection and perfection, so that we can successfully recover your compensation. Our experts have highlighted these questions so that you can better understand the circumstance of your particular case. It is always best to speak to the attorney as soon as possible.

1. Are truck accidents common?

Truck accidents are not at all common phenomenon; truck accidents can lead to severe injuries. The average weight of a truck is way more than a passenger car, according to various reports every year more than 104,000 people were injured due to truck accidents. This is roughly 28 truck accidents on every 100,000 cars on the road.

2. Why truck accidents tend to cause major injuries?

One major reason is due to its weight; an average passenger car weighs between 3,000 to 3,500 pounds whereas a large carrying full load truck can weigh more than 70,000 pounds. The extreme difference between size and weight may result in several or sometimes fatal injuries in a crash.

3. What makes tractor-trailers so vulnerable?

Semi-trucks or tractor-trailers can weigh more than 18 times of an average passenger car. The trucks are around 53 feet long and 8 feet wide with approximately 13 feet in height. They are difficult to stop, it requires more than 350 feet to come in order to completely stop, so when an accident happens, they cannot take prompt action to stop it. Besides, sometimes it carries hazardous materials. If not fatal, a collision with such a giant truck can be disastrous.

4. What is the fault determining process in a truck accident?

A thorough investigation is required for the accident scene. A police report is necessary together with eyewitness testimony to determine the fault in a truck accident. A qualified truck accident attorney should also investigate the driver, check his/her background, previous accident history, etc. They also investigate the company that hired and trained the driver together with few details like how many hours they are working in a week and other factors that might be responsible for the accident.

5. The driver or the trucking company – who is responsible for a truck accident?

Both the driver and the trucking company may be held responsible for a truck accident. It can be determined by thorough investigation and evaluating the background of the driver and the company. The crime scene must be examined thoroughly. However, the truth can be revealed easily if you let an experienced truck accident attorney help you. They know particular which areas are to investigate in order to discover the truth.

6. How can long truck accident investigations be conducted?

The investigation is a long process, and the timeline may vary from one case to another. A qualified truck accident lawyer will check the Driver Qualification File (DQF) from the trucking company and will also add the driver’s and the company’s history in the investigation. The attorney must check the automatic onboard recorder, which supposed to record the exact scene before the crime took place. From that clip, it would be easier to evaluate the fault and the reasons for such an accident.

7. Can the truck driver’s company be sued for my injuries?

According to the latest truck accident laws, a trucking company is responsible legally for the action of its employees. So if the investigation proves an employment relationship between the driver and the company, the company can be sued.

Experienced truck accident lawyers can help recover full liability of the trucking company for a dangerous truck accident.

8. What should I look for in a truck accident attorney?

Before hiring a truck accident lawyer, you must check a few factors like experience in handling cases in this particular field and the result of the cases. At Texas Truck Accident Lawyer, we understand the regulations and laws applied for various truck accident cases; we have a specially experienced team to handle such truck accident cases. You can book your first free consultation with us to get a full idea about how it goes.

9. How much can a truck accident case worth?

It varies from one case to the other, not all case is the same every case is unique in multiple ways. However, the amount can be determined on the basis of a few factors like the extent of injuries and losses permanent damages, medical expenses, together with the pain and suffering, etc. Through a free case evaluation, you can determine the worth of your truck accident case.

10. What about the insurance settlement?

A trucking company’s insurer may offer a reasonable and lowest price to you for compensating the loss. Truck accidents may cause severe and fatal injuries under such circumstances it is not logical to accept the minimum offer to cover the living expenses and emotional outbursts. A qualified truck accident lawyer can assist you in determining the loss and securing maximum compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering caused by accident.

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