10 Basic Tips to Create a Professional Website for Your Business

It does not matter you have a big or small size of business but you need a professional website to nurture your online customers nowadays. The website has become the most important element of business around the world.

A study shows that about 20% of consumers around the world buying and selling their goods or services online. A business website is building trust among the clients and turning away potentiality of the business.

Creating a website for a business was so challenging before but it has become a normal phenomenon today.  People are being used to use different kinds of social media and they are searching for all their needs through the internet. Online business competition and sales caparison are going high every day.

In this case, if you decide to create a website then it would be a great idea for your business. We know that every project needs time to study and start to run. So gather knowledge about how a business website is creating and who are professional in this sector. You have to consult with a professional web developer to have a preparation to draft your data. You have to find out your long term and short goals and other objectives of your business.

To help you in designing and developing a website I have prepared 10 important tips that you can’t ignore. The basics of website creation have been described in this article. So read the whole article and keep in mind what you have to do before making a website.

1. Domain Selection:

A domain is the name of your business website that must be short and should be clear about what business you are running. If your domain indicates your business criteria then people will easily understand what product or services you are selling. You can use the Godaddy.com website to select your domain for your business.

Remember you need to select a name that can illustrate your business easily because it would help you to generate more customers to run your business smoothly. Most people select a name that is not identifying what business is running by the website. So be careful in selecting a domain name for your business and go-ahead for the next step.

2. Website Hosting

Hosting means space that a website needs to run and manage your web data. If you build an eCommerce website then you need more spaces. An eCommerce website needs more hosting because of uploading its product daily to make sales and purchase. If you need a website that only needs to maintain your daily client then you may need less space.  A professional web developer knows this well so get an appointment and talk with them about your business.

3. Website Design Layout

There are many platforms providing design templet to create a business website. You can use the WordPress platform, they are having many design templet. You can browse your similar business website and get an idea of how they have designed their website. And find out what type of content they have developed for their business website. You will find more design layout in these platforms such as WordPress, SiteBuilder, BigCommerce, Shopify, Weebly, and Squarespace. Before consult with your web developer just browse their site and get an idea.

4. Device Responsiveness

You should build a website that would be all devices responsive such as a mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, and all other screen sizes. People are always visiting social media so if you have a mobile responsive website that will bring more customers to your business. Google search engine can also recognize a mobile-friendly website and giving priority to them to visible in the search result. So be sure about making a responsive website that supports all devices.

5. Website load speed

Visitors always prefer to visit a site that has quick load speed. You have to ensure that your website takes a few seconds to run the site. To speed up your site you need to optimize images, videos, infographic data. Implement your content delivery network (CDN), use adaptive images, erase cache file, evaluate your plugins, enable HTTP, compress your content and configure expires headers. It is necessary to check your site speed daily and ensure customers that your site is ready.

6. Display Contact Information

This is the obvious thing that you should not overlook. Your contact information should be visible on the top of your web page so that customers find it in emergency and contact you in time. You can create a separate contact page with the details address of your business including location map, email, phone number, and other essential data. If you don’t provide your real address then the customer may leave your site and you will lose your all potential customers. So, you have to create a contact page with a highlight button to make sure you’re online.

7. Web Content

Web content is recognized as a key element of a website. This plays a vital role not only for the search engine but also to attract new customers. Content can be a written material and graphical expression as well as a combination of animated forms. If you provide more unique and qualitative content then search engines easily index your site to show on the search result depending on the keyword. Irrelevant or poor written material can be a cause of getting the penalty. Research shows that there are increasing mobile users than desktop users, so create your content short and unique, informative as well.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To list your site into the major search engine like Google, Yahoo, bingo, you should follow the search engine technique properly. This term is using to optimize your site searches depending on a specific keyword. SEO is a term that is used for marketing purposes. If you have a business on supplying construction materials then you may have a keyword like, “Best Cement Supplier”. You need to submit cement related written materials on your web blog and have to spread out your page link around the web directory, business directory, and other blog sites. If you do that your site would appear on the search engine at the top.

9. Professional Branding

Your website should be professional looking to attract your targeted customers. You need to select a color that matches your business logo and other aspects of your website. You should remain a consistent color combination with your brand to promote your business. For this enhancement, you have to hire a web design company to make your site look more professional. The developer company knows how to combine colors with your web pages and how to present an eye-catching colors combination. Making a profession appearance would create your brand to keep your site into the customer’s mind. So be aware of using the color combinations on the web pages.

10. Add Action button

If you have a special offer, idea, or something that you want your customers to inform then include an action button with lightweight colors. You need to focus action button link like Sign Up, Subscribe, Like, Share, Email Us, and Contract Us and so on. You can use different colors to focus on different action buttons. It would help your customers to engage with your site and even to purchase your product or services. The call to action button also helps people to click on the link, which gives your customers more information and more stability on the site. So highlight your action button using different colors and logos.


I hope all the steps you need to keep in mind before consult or hire a web development company. All the tips would help you to advance your knowledge about the preliminary steps of web design and development.

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